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-енный (-ennyj)

  1. used to form attributive adjectives from nouns (adjectives with the meaning "related to X")
    простра́нство, простра́нственныйprostránstvo, prostránstvennyjspace, spatial
  2. used to form past passive participles from verbs in -ить (-itʹ), -еть (-etʹ)
    просла́вить, просла́вленныйproslávitʹ, proslávlennyj ― to celebrate, celebrated

Usage notes

As a means of forming past passive participles, it has the stressed variant -ённый (-jónnyj). Verbs in -ать (-atʹ) form such participles using -анный (-annyj) (stressed or unstressed), and verbs in -ять (-jatʹ) form such participles using -янный (-jannyj) (stressed or unstressed).

Related terms

  • -ённый (-jónnyj)
  • -анный (-annyj)
  • -янный (-jannyj)
  • -нный (-nnyj)

See also

  • -тый (-tyj)