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Alternative forms

  • cornfactor


corn-factor (plural corn-factors)

  1. (Britain) A trader in grains.
    • 1914, James Joyce, "The Dead", from Dubliners
      For years and years it had gone off in splendid style, as long as anyone could remember : even since Kate and Julia, after the death of their brother Pat, had left the house in Stoney Batter and taken Mary Jane, their own niece, to live with them in the dark, gaunt house on Usher's Island, the upper part of which they had rented from Mr Fulham, the corn-factor on the ground floor.
    • 1886, Thomas Hardy, The Mayor of Casterbridge, Chapter 7
      "My name is Henchard; ha'n't you replied to an advertisement for a corn-factor's manager that I put into the paper - ha'n't you come here to see me about it?"