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gesith (plural gesiths)

  1. (historical) A companion to an athel or king in medieval England; a thegn; a comrade
    • 1903, William Stubbs, The constitutional history of England in its origin and development:
      Beowulf the son of the noble Ecgtheow became the gesith of King Hygelac, and, when he rose to be a chieftain, had lands, treasures, and gesiths of his own [...]
    • 1999, Saint Bede (the Venerable), Judith McClure, Roger Collins, The Ecclesiastical History of the English People:
      The gesith took him and had his wounds attended to.
    • 2010, Liane Merciel, The River Kings' Road (Fiction), Simon and Schuster, ISBN 9781439159118, page 73:
      "Now comes before you Luisan the Fat of Littlewood, who stands accused of murder," announced Heldric, gesith of Lord Ossaric's liegemen and most experienced in the ways of the court.


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