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microscopic (comparative more microscopic, superlative most microscopic)

  1. Of, or relating to microscopes or microscopy; microscopal
    We supply all microscopic stains and other materials.
  2. So small that it can only be seen using a microscope.
    The water was full of microscopic organisms.
  3. Very small; minute
    Compared to the galaxy, we are microscopic in scale.
    • 2014 September, Gregg Jaeger, “What in the (quantum) world is macroscopic?”, in American Journal of Physics, volume 82, number 9, pages 896–905:
      ... the notion of the microscopic was often used in the foundations of quantum theory right from the start, to indicate the realm in which quantum theory is required in order to explain phenomena when classical theory cannot do so; quantum theory was generally considered in those years to apply only to situations involving atoms and smaller “microscopic” entities...
  4. Carried out with great attention to detail.
    The police carried out a microscopic search of the crime scene.
  5. Able to see extremely minute objects.
    Why has not man a microscopic eye? Alexander Pope.


  • See also Wikisaurus:tiny


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