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roubar (first-person singular present indicative roubo, past participle roubado)

  1. (transitive) to steal (to take illegally or without permission)
    Ele roubou uma carteira do bolso de um pedestre.
    He stole a wallet from the pocket of a pedestrian.
  2. (transitive) to rob (to steal objects from a location)
    Chegamos de viagem e vimos que roubaram nossa casa.
    We arrived from a trip and saw that they had robbed our house.
  3. (intransitive, or transitive with em) to cheat (to violate rules in order to gain advantage from a situation)
    O cassino expulsou o jogador que estava roubando no pôquer.
    The casino expelled the player who was cheating at poker.
  4. (transitive, figuratively) to seduce (someone who is in another relationship)
    Esse cara quer roubar minha mulher.
    This guy wants to steal my wife.
  5. (transitive, figuratively) to deprive, rob (someone or something) of (its qualities)
    O tempo roubara sua beleza.
    Time had stolen her beauty.



Derived terms

  • rouba-monte

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