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теб (teb) (personal)

  1. Alternative form of тебе (tebe) (the full form of the second-person singular pronoun in the accusative case, used as the direct object of a verb); you.
    Търсех Георги, а намерих теб.
    Tǎrseh Georgi, a namerih teb.
    I was looking for Georgi and I found you.
  2. Alternative form of тебе (tebe) (the second-person singular pronoun in the prepositional case, used as the object of a preposition); you.
    Не мога да живея без теб.
    Ne moga da živeja bez teb.
    I can't live without you.
    От теб зависи.
    Ot teb zavisi.
    It's up to you.

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